Facility Staffing

We provide staffing services for qualified Pharmacist, Nurses, Therapists, Nursing Assistants, and other healthcare professionals to hospitals, nursing homes, Rehab. Facilities, residential facilities, long-term care/assisted living, hospitals, doctors’ Offices, and surgery centers.
Our Staffing Solutions provides professionals for the following specialties

Pharmacy Professionals
Pharmacy Technician

Nursing Professionals
Registered Nurse (All specialty and Non-specialty)
Licensed Practical Nurse
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Certified Nursing Assistant
Certified Medical Assistants

Diagnostic Imaging Professionals
CT Technician
Mammography Technician
MRI Tech
Radiology Technician
Ultrasound Technician

Rehabilitation Professionals
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Speech Language Pathologist

Respiratory Professionals
Registered Respiratory tech
Sleep Technician

Coding & Billing Professionals

Behavioral Health Science

* Social Worker/Counselor
* Psychiatrists
* Psychiatric –RN, LPN/LVN
* Psychologist
* Substance Abuse Counselor
* Addictions Counselors

American Care Partners Staffing Solutions provides professionals in the following health care settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Clinic/ Physician’s Office
  • Mail order
  • Home Health
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Mobile Units
  • Long-Term Care Facilities

American Care Partners Staffing is a value driven solution to all of your Health-care professionals Temp& Permanent staffing needs and is a reliable Partner that you can count on. Our proprietary pre-screening process helps us select the best possible candidate for your facility. We understand that every facility has different needs and we   will work with you to customize of our pre-screening process of Candidates to meet your unique needs.

Temporary: Whether you are under staffed or need someone to fill-in for vacation coverage, American Care Partners Staffing Solutions has the right professional to suit your needs.

Temp-to-perm:A lot of our clients like to use this method as a “try before you buy” before they commit to a long-term association. This assures that the professional and your facility are a perfect match before you commit to hiring them full-time.

Direct Hire: American Care Partners Solutions use our extensive network and credentialing system to find you the right candidate to fill your direct hire opening.

Travel: American Care Partners Staffing Solutions has a team of professionals that only take traveling assignments. Whether you need someone for a few weeks or an extended period of time, we have the perfect traveler to help you out.

Per-Diem: Sometimes you just may need a professional to help out for the day when the office is busy; American Care Partners Staffing Solutions has professionals ready to help on short notice.