Private Duty Nursing (PDN)

Private Duty Nursing (PDN) allows Patients with Complex medical conditions to receive quality, skilled nursing care in the comfort of their home: a setting preferred by most patients and their families. Private duty nurses generally treat patients who need long-term care, provide customized medical care, and assist with daily activities. Studies show it is less expensive than a facility stay, costing up to half as much as a single hospital day. PDN is a covered benefit of most insurances, including Medicaid, Private Insurance, or Private fund.

All our RNs, LPNs, and LVNs are fully screened and credentialed and have experience providing care for patients with a variety of ailments. Our team can help manage complex medical needs at home. 

This includes: 

  • Ventilator and tracheostomy care
  • G-tube care or NG tube and management
  • Diabetes management
  • Seizure management
  • Oxygen management
  • TPN infusion
  • Administering medications and therapies 


AMERICAN CARE PARTNERS caregivers are experts in providing specialist pediatric complex care services to people in their homes.

We are trusted by our clients, their families, commissioning groups, and case managers to provide competent and compassionate pediatric care that is focused on improving health and overall well-being,  and all in the place children love most, their home.

We work with children at all stages of their development, from babies and toddlers to school-age children right through to adolescents supporting their transition into adulthood. Our focus is to keep children requiring complex pediatric care at home where they should be with their families and to support their optimum independence.

Our approach is family-centered, and we work closely with the children and young people in our care, their parents, and their families to provide clinical care of the highest quality. The complex care we provide is aimed at facilitating independence, social interaction, and emotional well-being whilst supporting children to fulfill their potential and live a purposeful and meaningful life.

We provide specialist care for conditions and physical disabilities that impact a child’s ability to live well, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, spinal injury, and learning disabilities like down syndrome, to name a few.


Our service is RN Case manager-led, and Caregivers are trained to provide care and support for complex, terminal, and other medical conditions that impact a child’s life. They are supported by an expert, dedicated registered nurse who provides unrivaled clinical monitoring and supervision of the service we provide. With this leadership and oversight, careers can perform many delegated healthcare tasks and interventions at home, including:


  • Oxygen delivery and suctioning
  • Cough assist working in partnership with physiotherapists
  • Tracheostomy management
  • Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NIPPV) via masks – CPAP/BiPAP
  • Invasive ventilation via machines – Nippy


  • NGT/PEG/gastrostomy management
  • Continuous/intermittent pump feeding


  • Catheter care
  • Stoma care


  • Skin integrity and pressure area care
  • Assistance with mobility aides to encourage safe moving and handling

To learn more about our team and the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and your loved ones get the care and support you need.