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Santa visited children at Fredericksburg’s Mary Washington Hospital

Jolly old elf spreads cheer at Fredericksburg’s Mary Washington Hospital


Walking through the quiet halls of Mary Washington Hospital’s maternity unit, one distinct sound could be heard, and it was not a crying newborn—it was the jolly chuckle of Santa Claus.

 Santa’s big black boots, red velvet suit and genuine white beard stole the hearts of not only the children and newborns he was visiting Thursday, but also the nurses on the floor.

“It’s going to cost you,” he told nurses as they leaned in for a quick picture.

“You have to smile,” he would tell them, and of course, they already were.

Santa’s visit was organized by American Care Partners, which brought him to the hospital for the first time last year to visit children on the pediatric floor and newborns in the maternity unit.

The organization provides adult and pediatric skilled home care to discharged patients.

Amy Estrada, director of business development with American Care Partners, accompanied Santa to each room for a picture and left a present behind for each child. Read More…