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Pediatric Home Care Services

Pediatric Home Care Services

Home Health Care Services For Children In Northern Virginia

As a specialized Pediatric Home care division of the agency, we provide our patients and their families with a broad range of high quality compassionate care, services and support. Our aim at American Care Partners (Division of Pediatrics) is to help medically fragile, technology-supported children not only live, but thrive at home, in a peaceful environment with their families.

As a high quality provider of specialized, comprehensive home-care and support services to children and their families, we work with major medical centers and physicians throughout the entire Northern Virginia to successfully integrate community-based care and access to care for special need children.

We strongly believe that it takes a special nurse to care for special kids. Our Program is run under supervision of a full time Medical Director. You can count on getting the best caregivers possible for your child. Our nurses are proud of their reputation as highly skilled, pediatric home care providers, and, at a minimum, have:

  • Previous pediatric experience or have completed our pediatric care training programs
  • Successfully demonstrated and completed written skill competency tests
  • Current state licenses
  • Criminal, background/drug & child abuse clearance
  • CPR/Emergency/First Aid Training & Certification
  • Multiple Reference Checks
  • Ongoing Nursing Competency Evaluations and In-Service Training

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

We provide both skilled nursing Intermittent visits and Private duty Pediatric Nursing (Shift based pediatric home care) for virtually all conditions facing medically fragile children including:

  • In-Home Mechanical Ventilation and Tracheotomy care
  • In-Home Asthma Management,
  • Infusion Therapy,
  • Pediatric Physical ,Occupational and Speech Therapies
  • Gastrointestinal Disorder,
  • Endocrine Disorders (Including Insulin Pumps)
  • Neuro-muscular Disorders,
  • Spinal Cord Injuries,
  • Neoplastic Diseases
  • Feeding Disorders (Cleft Lip/Palate. NGT, GT/,JT, G-Tube)

In addition, we provide comprehensive Pediatric Case Management services including coordination of PHARMACY and HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. We work with families, discharge planners and insurance representatives to ensure not only a successful outcome, but also a less stressful provision of care in the home.

  • We work with discharge planners to facilitate the discharge process as we ensure all orders and equipment have been coordinated.
  • We are proactive in keeping physicians, discharge planners, and payers informed of changes in client’s condition.
  • Our specialized and dedicated staff and supervisors are familiar with the stresses associated with bringing home a medically complex child.
  • We know the importance of maintaining children at home, allowing them to thrive and remain out of the hospital.
  • We are experienced at collaborating with school districts to ensure regular attendance by medically complex children through the aid of an accompanying nurse.

American Care Partners Pediatric Home Care offers a level of Home care that several North Virginian Physicians and Case Managers have come to trust. Our services range from 24-hour complex clinical care to educational training for parents and family members. Regardless of the situation, we offer quality Pediatric In-Home Care service with a compassionate touch.

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